Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Sickness

Hello everyone! I sure hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I surely did. I love spending time with my family and just enjoying life. Of course the food was excellent. All the traditional food with lots of trimmings.

Well I hear there is a lot of sickness going around and for the most part our house escaped it all until today. My honey has come down with a case of the stomach virus I presume. I am playing nurse and trying to attend to his needs as best I can.

I have been absent from the crafting for quite some time but, I have finally ordered the My Digital Studio from Stampin Up! It's is quite a bargain at 50% off. So I am very excited about trying out the digital world.

I also have a ton of unused stamping supplies that include some retired stampin up sets and a bunch of other stuff. I am planning on taking pics of all it and putting a photo slide show on here. I will post prices and will be more than happy to ship to you (you, of course, pay the shipping).

I promise not to be so distant next time and look forward to all of you coming back and telling your friends about the upcoming goodies I will have here within the next week!

Take Care!

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